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3+ Job Applicant Rejection Letter Sample

Job Applicant Rejection Letter Sample is written to a person who is not selected in an interview. There is nothing worse than hearing a rejection from any job. Some job interviews send no information regarding their process. Applied candidates don’t know that whether you received their resume, they don’t know whether they are in an interview or not, even they don’t know if you have rejected their application.

These all conditions lead to problems to them and also shows your unprofessional attitude. This seems like they are in a fog about their stepwise step report. This job rejection letter sample to the employer is for the purpose of make the applicant aware about his rejection that he will no more be the part of that team or company.

Sample Rejection Letter After Interview

It is obvious the best way to write them a letter about their departure and that should be in professional and proper format. It should be a standard letter to the receiver.

Firstly write the current date on which the letter is written on the top of your letter.
Then Start your letter with the name of the applicant to whom you are writing this letter. After space (one line) address him properly by writing the complete address of the applicant.
In the next line, you can personally point that person like “Dear … applicant’s name”. This will directly represent the person to whom you are mentioning.
After that you can even write the subject for your letter which will directly represent the reason for writing the letter, otherwise, you may directly start the main body of your letter.
You can thanks to them at starting for their participation before your rejection news and after that, you should motivate them for the future. Also, in the end, give best wishes to them for their future job and struggle.
In the end, with warm regards write your complete name and signature.

Although this will be sad news for them your well-crafted communication piece will definitely console them.

It should be personal. To keep your relationship intact, it is the best way that you consider your application as individually instead of talking about all. As your candidate can be a great fit for another position, so motivate them and end them with a good note.
Focus on positive and future relation: stay positive with wordings, any rejecting can be a better starting for another step. They are made for much better maybe. And make a good relationship with them by having an impactful message.
Give gracious note: give them good luck for the future, a small positive dose will have a big impact on working up again.