Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf

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Are you aware of this Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf? if any person has applied for a passport and due to some unfavorable circumstances or may be due to some personal reasons, he may not be able to collect his passport so he can send another member like father, friend, brother etc to an office to collect the passport. He can carry a token of authenticity to them that is he can give this authorized letter to that particular person. These letters are something like that empowers someone else to take actions on your behalf.

US visa passport collection authorization letter

It will be a great supplement that can be used when you have your foreign trip or have some circumstances. So everyone should be aware of it. Here you will come to know about it if you are unaware.

When writing an authorization letter to collect passport on my behalf us consulate it should be considered as third party authorization but has a difference of a concern. Also, it should not be that much formal. Following tips will make it clear:

  1. INTONATION: While writing a letter keep your tone positive, calm and friendly. But don’t forget that you are writing an official letter and to the same person you already know.
  2. PRESENT DATE: Make sure that the date you have entered should be correct and of the present day so that the receiver will know about the dates that you mentioned in authorities while you were not present there.
  3. BRIEF AND EXACT: Make sure to keep your letter brief and straightforward. Keep its words plain and avoid unnecessary things. It should be to the point enough that the receiver understands it.
  4. INFORMATIVE: Your letter should be enough informative and specific. You have to give all detailed information. You should also provide the details of the person who are given the authority.

For more details, you can easily download the letter’s samples and examples and can get the format about it.


It is basically the mutual trust between three entities involved. The authorizer believes in both the collecting one and the organization which is sending this. This bond of trust is also the basic and necessary in any dealing. The intermediate person should be a familiar person or closely related. It will be preferable that the person is known to both the authorizer and the person to whom the letter is written.

FORMAT OF LETTER                                                                                             

This is an important and basic thing to know before writing or sending any letter.

Your letter should start with sender’s name and write complete address in next line and proceeding with the current date. Then after space write recipients name and complete address. Below write the subject for a letter. and with sweet salutation start body of a letter. it should be brief but informative. And at the end, give warm regards with sender’s name.

Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf, US visa passport collection authorization letter
Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf, US visa passport collection authorization letter

Click Here To Download Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf


This letter is used when you want to give permission to someone to collect or take actions on your behalf. For passport, which is highly sensitive and personal thing to handle. You could use an authorization letter and through the familiar ones.

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