Top 5 Best Invoice Templates to use for Business

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In this article, there is a lot mentioned about best invoice template which is a very common commercial feature in use. An invoice or a bill is a commercial document which is issued by a seller to a customer. It is relating to sale transaction or agreed prices by the buyer. Invoice generally consists payment terms on it.

The invoice templates also carry a billing duration on it that till when t should be paid. So including quantity, product, discount, and profit it is also based on the duration of a product.

According to a seller, an invoice template excel is a selling invoice and according to the buyer, it is a purchase simple invoice template. Invoice basically indicates that money is whether owing or owed.

On the whole, this is a very vast term. Over a countless number of people are searching for ‘invoice templates’ every day and also you all want to have blank invoice template which we are going to provide you in this post.

Free Printable Invoice Template

Free Printable Invoice Template, free invoice template pdf, billing invoice template word
Free Printable Invoice Template, free invoice template pdf, billing invoice template word

Click Here To Download Free Invoice Template In EXCEL

Invoice Template to Print FREE


Business Invoice Template, Best Invoice Template
                                               Business Invoice Template, Best Invoice Template

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Blank Invoice Template

free printable blank invoice, blank invoice templates
                                            free printable blank invoice, blank invoice templates

Click Here To Download Blank Invoice Template

The template is served as a pattern for something.  It is form, mold, pattern, criteria used as a model to make or create something. These are the pages that are embedded or transferred into other pages to allow the repetition of the information.


They are of several types. Here are some of the commonly used types:

STANDARD INVOICE:  It is known by this name in layman’s language. It is used as the same pattern in different business’s  or field’s transaction. It includes all the basic information including name, company’s name, address, total tax, VAT, price, profit, contact details and address of the buyer or seller etc.

COMMERCIAL INVOICE:  It is not as an everyday common invoice. It is a specially designed invoice for the documentation of the foreign trade such as shipment from one country to another or it includes transaction through or between international borders. It also includes the basic information of the seller and the buyer.

PROGRESS INVOICE:  This invoice is commonly used in transaction or works that stretch for a long period of time. It is mainly used in the construction industry as this field not only takes long duration but also is very costly. Contractors deals by sending or receiving invoices or bills.

UTILITY INVOICE: We hardly think about the bill of phone, gas, electricity, etc through invoice but this is what basically it is. It shows the amount payable on the electricity or on the internet including its duration.

PENDING INVOICE:  This is regarding the pending bill or outstanding money which delays for long are presented on the pending invoice.

TIMESHEET:  These are the special invoices preferred by professionals whose services are evaluated on the basis of time. Such invoices are usually presented y the lawyers, psychotherapists or mainly by the professional whose services are more intellectual.

And much more. These types are mainly used as templates for formats etc.

Simple Invoice Template Download

Simple Invoice Template Download, simple invoice template word,
                             Simple Invoice Template Download, simple invoice template word,

Click Here To Download Simple Invoice Template

Service Invoice Template

Free Service Invoice Template, professional services invoice template word, service invoice template pdf
 Free Service Invoice Template, professional services invoice template word, service invoice template pdf

Download Service Invoice Template Excel

So in this post, we are going to provide you free printable invoice templates. We are going to provide you different invoice templates in different forms like invoice template pdf, invoice template excel, invoice template doc.

Invoice Template in Excel Word PDF Download

Invoice Template Excel Download

Invoice Template Excel Download, Free Invoice Template Excel
                                                        Invoice Template Excel Download, Free Invoice Template Excel

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Invoice Format in Word 

Invoice Format in Word, Free invoice template docx, basic invoice templates
                    Invoice Format in Word, Free invoice template docx, basic invoice templates

Free Download Invoice Format In Word

Invoice Template PDF Download


Invoice Template PDF Download, invoice template pdf fillable
                         Invoice Template PDF Download, invoice template pdf fillable

Download Invoice Template PDF


An invoice template is a layout that makes simple to replace our details or stock information.

By providing necessary details or info to the invoice, it makes easy to access your company, customer details information about product or service you are selling or buying through invoice. Invoice templates are bread and butter for small business. It results directly to get paid. It is the main way to make our income legally easy.

A professional template, however, needs many basic requirements for its fulfillment. It can be seen as follows.

Invoice Template Google Docs

Invoice Template Google Docs, google docs invoice generator
                                         Invoice Template Google Docs, google docs invoice generator

Click Here To Open Invoice Template In Google Docs


I’ll simply conclude the requirements to write a simple, legal invoice template in a professional way:-

TITLE: An invoice should be marked clearly as an invoice.

DATES: The date on the invoice is issued as well as the payment due date on it.

INVOICE NUMBER: The invoice should have a particular invoice number.

YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION: Company information mainly and necessarily should include company’s name, address, contact details etc.

CUSTOMER’S INFORMATION:  This should include name or company’s name and address.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES DETAIL: This detailing should include product’s or service’s detail what you are selling.

PRICE: The price should be there on per unit, subtotals including before or after taxes.

VAT: A VAT is a type of consumption tax that is placed on a product whenever a value is added to a product at its initial state and when it has its final sale. It should be added to the invoice if applicable.

TOTAL: The total amount owed to you by your customer should be added to the total.

And what to do with this information? Gather it, mold it and adjust it to make the best of your professional invoice template.


To write an invoice is a simple and basic part. You have to include recipient and invoice information. Also, all the requirements mentioned above like recipient’s contact information, address, phone number of the business you are invoicing should appear on the invoice, below the header. Write the invoice number and other invoice information.

Also, specify your all payment terms.


1.Firstly provide your contact information: type the address where you want to receive your invoice including address, business name, phone no. To make your address detail more easily readable prefer it to write in several lines.

Eg:  2005 rodeo drive

Los Angles, California

2.Consider including your business logo: If you have a logo of your business use it as a heading on the header to make it catchy and impressive. It can help your business to get a professional air.

3.Include recipient’s information: If you are invoicing a person rather than a business than including that person’s name, address, contact information or include an email address instead.

4.Invoice no. and info: write invoice number on the right side of the page across the recipient’s information. Write invoice no. invoice date, invoice due date on the right side of the page in the separate lines.

Type INVOICE followed by the NUMBER. You as a sender should choose the numbering system that works best for you.

The due date and date should be mentioned below in sequence separately. The due date on an invoice is within 35-40 days.

5.Specify your payment terms: Under the invoice information mention or check whether you want cash, check, debit, credit or PayPal or via another source.

If you add late fees, don’t forget to mention that. Enter your local code, tax identification number etc.

  1. Make a chart to itemize all these terms: Make a chart for all the information in a list form with different columns so that it will make easy to observe about the given info or order. Make columns and arrange all data of your client what they purchased and what payment you will receive and about all the different services you performed.

You can make columns with following titles:

SERVICES: Write about services that took place, such as copyediting, purchasing etc.

DATE: Mention the date at when items were purchased or when services are performed.

QUANTITY: Write quantity how many items were purchased.

RATE: Write about the rate that at how much price the jewelry was purchased, at what rate copyediting was done etc.

SUBTOTAL: Write about the total services were performed in what time.

  1. Calculate the total: Calculate what amount has to be paid including taxes, late fees etc.
  2. Provide additional information: If you are providing your service give some additional information including your return policy etc with thanking the customer.

So This was the invoice format in word hope you are clear with it.

And many more detailed templates you can download from the net from different sites, you can check their format on it, about its heading, check its starting description from the right or left side. Even many formats you can download from sources.


Finally, you should focus on some basic points.

The look and language of your INVOICE should be like the rest of your branding.

It should match with your business cards design, tagline, business logo or its color.

Also, different regions have different requirements. The invoice can be straightforward in your own country.

Be clear about what an invoice is and what an invoice isn’t.

You can avoid confusion by creating clear policies.

You can even automate your invoice.


One of the most important things people do in their business, either an entrepreneur or a freelancer, is to take care of their finances. Thos can be a vast process for some or so. Small businessmen tend to do a lot of their business by themselves. That means they have a better control over their business and they need to catch up on for more. Hence this article is very useful for this purpose for many businessmen. Every detail basic or necessary is mentioned in this article to help or guide you about the invoice templates.

Your invoice is a HIDDEN MARKETING TOOL. Imagine how great it would be if your documents stand at one out of many others. Even I myself love to deal or read the invoices of the clients that are impressive and creative. A well-designed invoice template can make you pay the pleasure.

So, Hope, You all got your basic invoice template, service invoice template for your use.

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