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Cancellation Letter For Insurance Policy

In any emergency on in any case, if one wants to cancellation letter for insurance policy sample, they must send their insurance company a cancellation letter for this. this is to notify the insurer to cancel the policy that was approved. Also, request them to refund the portion of your premium that was remained. One who wants to cancel his letter of insurance main thing to do is writing and then mail it to postal service. This letter also prevents the direct contact with the representative of the company.

Letter For Cancellation Of Insurance Policy
This is a kinda formal letter that you write in a business field.

Start with mentioning the current date on top & write the name of the policy and address of the policyholder. Now write the insurance company name and address in the next line on the left-hand side. Mention the postcode.

Now in next line start with a salutation and mention the policy number also and start writing the body of the letter regarding canceling the insurance policy with refunding.

Now, at last, give sweet closing with your name and signature.

Try to make it professional and accurate for this you can download the sample and examples of the letter and follow the pattern.

An opening of the paragraph should begin by requesting the cancellation of that policy and should be mentioned that all charges need to be stopped. Also, state the date that when your policy should be effectively canceled.


You should go through the policy carefully and know the concise procedure for cancellation.
Mention directly that you want to cancel the policy and discontinue its premium.
Mention your policy number correctly so that they track your previous records accurately.
It is better to get the name of the person directly so that you can directly address that letter to the concerned person.
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Insurance cancellation letter template
Insurance cancellation letter template
Insurance cancellation letter template
Click Here To Download Insurance cancellation letter template


One can cancel their policy at any time. These don’t have any strict rule or limit time to cancel that policy. Make sure to review the policy proceeds to cancel that insurance. Also, prepare a rough draft for cancellation of policy insurance.