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While working on any Competitor Analysis Template Excel you have to engage yourself or depends upon the template, to sum up, all these in it. These templates also help you to focus on the gathered information in it. in this article, we try to include what competitor analysis is, what to include and what information should be added to it. you can also view and download templates in Microsoft excel, word, powerpoint, etc. competitor analysis template excel free is used to keep business at cutting edge and market changes are also made to have their advantage.

Competitor analysis template powerpoint

This helps you a lot in your business and enables many things to get organized like:

  1. It reveals your company’s and your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. It also helps to identify the path for opportunities for increased competitive advantage.
  3. It helps the whole company to understand the competitive landscape.
  4. It helps you to get differentiated from your competitors.
  5. It also involves having strategic planning.


  1. Company information: the overview and profile generally provide the information regarding your company and competitors. This will also include a slogan, tagline, valued information etc.
  2. Product information: the products and services offered are also explained in this. in this distribution channels also include information regarding retailers, wholesalers etc.
  3. Market information: it has a focus on collateral and social media to determine competitors audience target.

Competitor pricing analysis template excel

competitor pricing analysis template excel
competitor pricing analysis template excel

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Competitive Analysis Template Excel

Competitive Analysis Template Excel
Competitive Analysis Template Excel

Click Here To Download Competitive Analysis Template Excel

Competitive analysis report sample

competitive analysis report sample
competitive analysis report sample

Click Here To Download competitive analysis report sample



A business establishment must have a competitor, competitive analysis and how their product and services work. Such analysis will help to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor. Innovations in these will help to produce such vast products and services in these. This article is mainly the evaluation of every detail from key points and their helpful points for documents. There are different strategies based on different results so the first thing to do is analyze your competition and do a comparative analysis.

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