Complaint Letter Example For Bad Product

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This Complaint Letter Example For Bad Product is written by a customer with having bad experiences with the products of any company. When customer get irritated with any bad or defaulted product they can write a letter to authority which is concerned in order to inform them about the poor delivery or poor product of that organization.

This complaint letter for poor service is written to a manufacturer or retailer by a customer so that they can register their complaints about that issue. These letters generally come with some actions or corrective measures regarding that problem. These letters are easy to write and are compulsory at one or any situation. So one must know how to write or file any complaint regarding bad products.

Sample Letter Of Complaint To Management


1.               SPECIFY THE ITEMS: while writing your letter, make sure you are specifying your items properly. Mention the specifications of the purchased product, like date, product name, product code, date of purchase, warranty or guarantee etc. This will make their consideration easy.

2.               EXPLAIN YOUR PROBLEM: what problem you had faced with your product need to be mentioned. Either you are having issue of date of manufacturing or wrong or defaulted product these all are to be mentioned as a major content.

3.               ADD IF YOUR PROBLEM IN CONTINOUS: in case, your problem is in continuity or you are having same problem twice or more times, that problem is to be added properly. They are made to be aware about their services and improvements that are their priority.

4.               REQUEST FOR TAKING ACTIONS: end your letter by asking them for repairs in case of damages or replacement in case of wrong product as soon as possible. Such requests are to made to concerned authority for taking quick actions as the products are on warranty.

5.               LETTER’S CONTENT: make sure that your letter is brief, accurate, to the point yet informative. It should be properly in professional impression and with formal outlook.


–                 Your letter should be written in a proper formal format to make it official and professional.

–                 Your letter should start with the sender’s name and address then date and write the address and name of the addressee after some space.

–                 Then write the subject for your letter and give a salutation.

–                 In the body of your letter, mention your purchased items and problems with that and actions that are to be taken.

–                 In the end, write your name and give a signature with regards.

Complaint Letter Example For Bad Product, complaint letter for poor service
Complaint Letter Example For Bad Product, complaint letter for poor service

Sample Letter Of Complaint To Management
Sample Letter Of Complaint To Management


Thus we can conclude, these letters are the important in case of firing any complaint regarding bad or defaulted product. These letters are generally written to make the defective ones rectified. You need to explain this situation politely so that they can be able to take prompt actions. Make sure to address your letter to senior officer in order to make your complain seriously handle by a senior. Any refund, replacement or rectification can be done soon.

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