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An Employee Of The Month Certificate is an important recognition certificate used by many businesses to honor to their employees. If anyone wants their employee happy, loyal, motivated and longtime worker then you should appreciate them for their work, for their experience that they have in business. Although there are many reasons for quitting their job maybe poor working condition, unsatisfied pay, no opportunity to grow and also lack of recognition or praise. So it is a must in job strategy that will make it professional to recognize the hard work.

Employee of the month certificate template

Who does not like recognition? It is a basic factor one needs in their job to be appreciated for their hard work. Companies realized that this could b good toll for motivation among other employees.

It is a necessary part of any business field and also to the employee. I consider, two employees were working in a company one is a hard worker and another one is average. If they both were considered same and equal, then obviously the excellent one will get demotivated and snub himself. So to appreciate the excellent one he is awarded ‘employee of the employee of the month certificate template with picture. And it is necessary for him to keep going and also others to get motivated by him. If one wants that excellence to be continued then appreciation is the utmost step.

Like everything has its merits and demerits, an employee of the employee of the month certificate template free also has some. So let’s throw some light on these factors:


  1. HEALTHY COMPETITION: An award for the best employee is what motivates the employees to work hard to achieve that position. And everyone works best in their own way to get at that position. This will create healthy competition among employees.
  2. EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Appreciation and recognition is also one best way to motivate anyone. It is also the best point to add to the resume whenever applying for any company and this will create a great impression. This also makes an employee happy and when they will be happier, they will not leave that organization and work long effectively.
  3. BEST PRODUCTIVITY: As getting this certificate will make workers work effectively and best in their way. This will ultimately lead to best productivity and profit in their work and also the employee will be happy. On the whole, this is a win-win situation for both employee and employer.


  1. MAKING ONE PERSON HAPPY OTHER WILL BE UNHAPPY: This situation will obviously create insecurity among the employees. As one will be appreciated and will be demotivated by comparing them to the winner.
  2. DISCORD WITHIN THE ORGANISATION: This will definitely create discord among the organization. And when the employees will start competing against each other then the outcome will definitely get disturbed.
Employee of the month certificate template, employee of the month certificate template with picture
Employee of the month certificate template, employee of the month certificate template with picture

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Importance is discussed above briefly, so one must know its use. If you are looking for employee’s recognition and appreciation moment, then giving them a certificate of appreciation is must step one can do. Nothing will be more impactful to an employee who wants nothing but surprised to see that one is giving so much attention to his hard work and seeing him proving day by day.

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