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BMI Chart Templates (body mass index chart) is a chart that measures your body fat on the basis of body weight with respect to your height. There is an Easy BMI Formula to calculate BMI value which we will discuss later on. Also, factors like sex, age, and mass of muscles have no importance in Printable BMI Table. BMI Chart is a tool that tells whether the person is overweight, Underweight, healthy or obese as according to their height.

If a person is having range out of Healthy BMI Range then their health might be in danger.  BMI values are independent of age and sexes both the sexes have same BMI values.

In this article, we will discuss you what is BMI chart templates, What is the BMI Formula, we will also show you BMI table and yes what are the uses of body mass index chart.

 What is BMI Formula / BMI Equation

You can calculate the BMI of yourself or other people by using simple mathematics formula provided below.

BMI = x Kg/ (yM * yM). 

Where x is the weight of the body in kilograms.

Where y is the height of the person in meters.

let us understand it with a simple example. If a person has a height of 170 cm and 68 kg weight. Then by putting values in body mass index formula, the result will be as follows.

BMI = 68kg/(1.70*1.70) = 23.529 Kg/M

Units Of BMI Is KG//M2

so using above BMI formula in kg we can calculate BMI values and compare it with BMI standard values. Then you can know whether you are overweight, Underweight or healthy.

So till this post, we understood what is BMI chart templates. Some facts about body mass index chart and then after we understood the formula to calculate BMI. Now we will understand how to use BMI values to know whether we are underweight, overweight or healthy.

If you have the high amount of fat in your body then required than your body is said to be Overweight and it can cause serious health problems. Also if you have less amount of fat then it means you are underweight then this can also cause health problems. So to measure your body fat whether you are overweight or underweight or fit we use BMI Chart.

Which BMI Ranges Is Good?

If Your BMI Value Is Less Than 18.5, Then You Fall In Underweight Range

If Your BMI Value Is Between 18.5 to 24.9, Then You Fall In Normal or Healthy Weight Range or Ideal BMI

If Your BMI Value Is Between 25.0 to 29.9, Then It Means You Fall In Overweight Range

If Your BMI Value Is Between 30.0 Or High, Then It Means You In Obese Range

The Ideal BMI Range is the range which falls between 18.5-24.9

Easy BMI Calculator

Supplied by BMI Calculator

Printable BMI Table

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BMI Chart Templates

Sample BMI Chart Template, printable BMI Chart
Sample BMI Chart Template, printable BMI Chart

Click here To Download Sample BMI Chart Template In PDF Format

Printable BMI Chart

bmi chart calculator, Printable BMI Chart
BMI chart calculator, Printable BMI Chart

Click Here To Download BMI Chart

Adult BMI Chart

Adult BMI Chart, Free BMI Chart
Adult BMI Chart, Free BMI Chart

Click Here To Download Adult BMI Chart

Ways To Be Healthier 

Exercise Daily: Do exercise on daily basis to healthy. Daily exercise control over your weight. It improves your eyesight, normal your blood pressure, decreases the cholesterol value in the body, increase the bone destiny, daily exercise can make you live longer. Do Something daily, according to studies daily only 10 minutes can make a huge difference in you the thing matters is punctuality.

Eat Fresh Vegetables: Eating daily fresh vegetables can make you healthier than you were before. Fresh vegetables provide nutrients to our body which is very important.  Eating daily fresh vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, heart diseases and a lot more. So We all should have a healthy diet plan to be fir in best BMI Chart value.

Proper Night Sleep: If you are not able to sleep well then this could affect your health. You might be in stress or in trouble if you are able to sleep well. So proper night sleep is very important part of being healthy. But sometimes we are able to get proper sleep which may cause a lot of problems in our health and which can affect our BMI Chart Range.

Keep Eye On Food Table: we eat a lot of things in a day. Do all food are good for health? Of course, big NO, not every food we eat is healthy for us. we should eat food which has low calories, full of nutrient food, and food must be fresh and healthy. So add food in your diet which has good nutrient, proteins, carbohydrate-rich food. This all will make you fall in good BMI chart range.

Be A Selective Eater: For a healthy body, we need to be selective about what we have to eat and we have not to. Limit the consumption of saturated fats products, and target to eat products which have a rich amount of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Avoid supplementary over food. Try to eat natural things like fresh fruits and vegetables rather than eating frozen products. Eating fresh meat, cheese, milk will provide you a rich dose of omega-3s. So yes, to be a healthy person to fit in the good range of BMI chart. You must be selective about what to eat and what not to.

So in this post, we understood what is BMI chart, and then we understood what is BMI formula which helps us to calculate the BMI value. Then after that, we came to know how to use BMI values to know in which range of BMI we fall, By which we came to know whether we are underweight, overweight, healthy or obese.

Then we provided you BMI chart templates, where you can compare your ranges before and after. If Your BMI range is not in the healthy zone. Then we provided you some ways to be healthier.

So we hope you liked our post and we are sure you will visit us again for more new templates which might help you. There are a lot more templates on our website you can go through. If you liked our post then share it on social media platform. We want to spread templates all over for free which can make everyone’s life more simple. For achieving this we need your support all you need to do is share it as much as you can. Thank you for visiting. keep visiting us have a nice day.


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