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free business cards templates for word are very vast topic to deal with in the business field. Whether a business is sleek or sophisticated, casual or chic business card template free are perfect for you in your business. A business card design templates is a small card printed with one’s name, email id, company’s name, address, occupation on it. Basically, these bears information about company or individual.

Someone who owns there own business can market and pass along contact information by giving their business card to customers. They are often used as networking and corporate events to provide individual an easy source for retrieving contact information. free printable business card template explains about the company, their basic information, one’s occupation, personal data etc.

They are shared as a formal introduction as a convenience and memory aid. Now some of them include social media information such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Today much professional business card includes some or many visual effects which are striking to the viewer.

Printable Business Card Template

Printable Business Card Template, free business card template
Printable Business Card Template, free business card template

Click Here To Download Printable Business Card Template

Firstly it is important to know basic things about templates. A template is a tool used to get the layout and look of an article. These occur across multiple pages or within the content. When you change the layout, region, page or template that is based on that template are automatically changed as well.

Templates provide an additional standardization control depending on the type you use. Templates also consist of many types. But this article is relevant to free business card template so basically, here we discuss detail information about these card templates.


free business card design, visiting card design free download
free business card design, visiting card design free download


Make a great impression when you create your own business card with one of your business card designs. These give your different and unique impression. free business card design makes it easy to have professional quality business cards. Select shape, edges, the design you prefer to see in your templates. Then give attention to choosing a brand of the template that reflects your style and industry.

Use free design tool to add text, images, logo, style – whatever you want. Traditionally many business cards are simple black text on white stock.

Business cards are basically printed on some card stock. The visual effects, the method of printing, the cost and other various details vary according to cultural and organizational norms or some personal preferences. Some companies have gone so far to trademark there spot colors. Some business cards are also printed UV gloss coat or UV printing.

Free Business Card Templates

Free Business Card Templates, free business card design
Free Business Card Templates, free business card design

Click Here To Download Free Business Card Templates


The sudden rise in networking sites changes the way as we do our norms. They tend to change our career circle as well. But in some many links rule the networking world and business cards are still mandatory. Great business cards are powerful branding tool that can deepen your connection in the professional world. It is like a next connective tissue in your career move.

So what makes good business cards. Free printable business cards are your introduction to the professional world. One has to make a good impression by making it creative and unique. You will just get seconds to ensure your first and lasting impression.

A well designed, creative, unique business card is a fantastic way to make your impression.  It is also an emergency way to connect. Get a perfect card to represent your business, your mission and yourself.



Isn’t it sound awkward but yes this is the basic things to keep in mind while referring to a business card. One should mention it exact information one’s name, one’s address, one’s contacted information. Make sure to mention your job title, company’s name, and your logo. You should keep in mind to make a balance between providing your enough and required information instead of making it look more untidy or disarranged.


Bright colors when used correctly can make your business card template free download impressive and distinctive. It makes it look fresh, existing and original. Also, simplicity is at its best. You can also make it casual by making it in white and black print. It can be striking and can often be seen s more stylish too.

You should also focus on the size of your card. Get creative with space. There are a couple of sizes of business cards to be kept in mind.


Most business card template photoshop is printed on card stocks. If you are more willing to get more creative. You can be more creative by making cards using transparent metal, wood, plastics, and slate etc.

But keep in mind that card should be portable and easy to carry in pocket or briefcase. You can also make your card useful. Make sure it can use better than simply calling a card. The example you can turn your business card into a mini holder or something else like a miniature.


You might be tempted to use unusual materials for your business cards. While this is certainly memorable. People often write extra details on the cards: such as where they acquire the cards etc. they should consider that card should be brief, short, impressive and doesn’t consist of extra unnecessary details. It should be simple in its way.


Turn your brand into a valuable business card. Try making it by considering in mind about your customer or the things that how can you impress them.  If your brand is more creative, playful or artistic that your company will surely be in benefit. You got the liberty to use more bold colors, shapes, texts in your cards.


You should start your work by considering the basic parameters of your project. To maintain this first. You should focus on some basic things that are highlighted such as

Size: size should be acceptable. It cant be too big to handle or too small to be seen. It should be up to the normal dimensions. Even nontraditional style can cost you more money. Orientation: this should also be focused. This is just the way that how your card is viewed by others. Landscape or portrait:: the landscape is the most common and better orientation to be used in cards. The portrait is the clean and elegant look. It is also common but it still stands out.

Font: it is also used to make an impression. Choosing the right font can give your card right feel.


You should include your vital information on the front of your cards and use the back to give it a unique flavor.

You should put some basic things on the front line:- The name you want others to use, the organization or business you are attached to, your company’s logo, what you do, your contact information – your email, contact no, address, etc. Back to the card is where your brand can shine. So use it as a weapon. The imagery in the form of artwork or photography is one of the best ways to make it unique and impressive. This is also a great place to put a unique version of your logo.


For many businesses, the biggest challenge is to come out with cards that are truly original and latest. You may use some shiny objects that can make it more appealing and exciting.  Also, give your card special finishes. Metallic ink, foil blocking etc can give your card special finishes. These details can make a card simple and classic look.  Make some creative concepts and choose unusual designs and make it funky.


Many types of business cards are seen in the trend. These templates vary from gadget to gadget, formats, businesses or brands. Here are some approaches ob business cards discussed in detail:


If you do not get any idea go with this one. It is the standard card used in every detail. And you can even design it well as you want. Make it impressive by using paper and letterpress printing.


Some like to play with formats of the business card templates. Some prefer to with big folder format other signifies it with tiny folds. It is the best way to make your card noticed. So make it as cool as you can.


It is like having a card oh come on and talk to me. It reflects communicating ways. They forget about all traditional ways of having email or contact number. The online geek will rather add URLs to his twitter account, facebook page etc.


That card which can be transformed into something makes an incredible impression. It isn’t that much easy to create but you can try to be creative and you will be noticed for sure.


IF You are a business owner you can make or want to take advantage of employee’s name that should be the focal point of your business. If you are working for a business using a good card stock and professionalized logo is more important. It should be easily digestive for whosoever is receiving it. The less and brief info you put, the better it will be.


It is about the business that especially use typography to look cool. Creating a typography business card template word can be fun for any graphic designer. Typography plays a very important role it outlook. It can make it bold impressive. You can use it in many impressive ways up, down, bold, sleek, tiny, huge etc. Make it feel right.


Many business card template PSD template’s examples and formats are seen on the websites from where you can take the layout of the templates and make it look the way you want. It can be your first impression or give you different status in the field of creation. Basically, you want to have business cards that reflects what you do and who you are. If it carries too much information no one reads it. So make it impressive and unique as mentioned with every detail in the above article.

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