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Free Certificate Templates For Word explains that what the certificate allows the holder to do. It can encrypt files or login. In this article, it is explained that you are going to write an article on Microsoft office word. Microsoft office word is a word processing application used to create a variety of documents which also includes the creation of certificates. To create certificate template in word processing is very simple criteria that can be created in very few steps. It can be created by using a template or blank document.

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Word allows you to create and print certificates easily. It gives you to become creative. Some of the important steps are mentioned below step wise step to make an editable certificate template on word easily. You can make it in any design or style you want.

Step1. START MS WORD: In your laptop or pc click on the start button at the left side of your screen and then a panel will appear therefrom which you have to select the Microsoft office word document. You will get a blank screen in front of you or if not then click on a new document and you will get a new blank page in front of you.

Step2. SELECT LAYOUT FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE: Important step to do is choose any layout you want for your certificate of achievement template. For this, you have to click on the page layout on the top of the page after opening your blank page. After that, you can select either landscape or portrait orientation whatever you want for your certificate.

Step3. SELECT PAGE COLOR FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE: After that click on page layout and select the page color option from where you can select any color you want to choose for designing your editable certificate template.

Step4. CHANGE PAGE BORDER AND ITS LAYOUT, IF YOU WANT: Click on page layout and then page border and select the border you want to define your certificate. Now click on the color you want for your certificate and apply fix color in your certificate’s width. After that, you can add fix art o your border or for any part you want it to be. Then click ok and proceed.

Step5. INSERT WORD ART AND TEXT: On insert tab at the top of your window click on word art and select the style you want for your certificate. You will get many options in styles and choose according to your designs or preferences. After that, a menu will appear and you to mention name or organization, school, college etc whatever you are focusing on. And click ok.

Then select the proper word text for your certificate. Her you have to include information about the one by whom you are applying, a name of an employee, occupation field, gender etc.

Step6. FORMAT YOUR CERTIFICATE: if you want you can insert any logo or picture for your certificate and then you will reach to end part where you have to check that whether your all fonts and sizes are well formatted.

Now click on save as and name your file and get it saved and if you want to print in whenever you want.

Free Certificate Templates For Word, editable certificate template
Free Certificate Templates For Word, editable certificate template

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There is a number of fields in which you are required to use Free Certificate Templates For Word, may be in school, colleges, business field etc where you need to congratulate your job workers. You cant just send an email and make it over. So learn it how you can make it impressive and give a professional look to it.

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