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Free Printable Donation Receipt Template

Many organizations in any field give free printable donation receipt template at the end of the year in next first month, this is wise to do. One must give donation receipts and try to acknowledge it sooner. These types of steps also encourage others to give a contribution to needy and donors also contribute again in future. Many individuals prefer to give a donation to their favorite charity. This also makes several donations to that same charity and can be benefited easily. A donation receipt letter template can be in check or by cash, of course, most people prefer it by check. But these donations also have receipts which are given to donors. These come handy during tax time. And they work as a proof that they made a donation to some charity.

Donation receipt template pdf
Every organization should carry these donation receipt format in excel so that they can be given to every donor who donates something to their organization. The donation receipt is also a professional quality as it also requires the precise information to be filled in it. Any donation receipt template is very easy to use. Firstly one can get the desired design for their template. Mostly the templates are made in word and excel and become easy to customize according to your requirement and time. These also don’t need any expensive graphics and can easily be made by logos, tags of your own choice. You can easily download the template. Just select what you want to change, like you can change a logo, size of the font, the color of your choice, even you can pictures, sign lines etc in your template.

Now you can print out the template made of your choice, even you can print hundreds if you want. You can easily save that template on your pc and can download, update or print further when and what you need.


There are many particular requirements that should be included in the receipt while making any non-profit donation receipt letter template. The name of the donor or any association should be included in the receipt. In order to make or take any donation one must know the following tips:

The important thing to include is benefactor name in the receipt.
The date and day when the donation was made.
The name of organization, group or any association should be included that will state that these are particularly included.
The main thing is the amount, one must include the amount of money that was donated.
Also, if any donation is not related to monetary one must include the list of things that were donated, although it’s not compulsion
The name and signature of that certified organization should be done on receipt.
Make a reasonable ending also, means a disclosure statement should be included in that.
Free Printable Donation Receipt Template, Donation receipt template pdf
Free Printable Donation Receipt Template, Donation receipt template pdf
ClIck Here To Free Download Donation receipt template pdf


Anyone can arise a question that what donation receipts are? This is nothing but just a proof in receipt form that any benefactor had made during his contribution. These should be downloaded and can be printed online and you can get many samples regarding this.