Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt

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Have you ever wondered what this Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt is and how it is useful? In this article, we are going to discuss how you can write acknowledgement letter in proper format and with precise tips. It is a type of formal letter acknowledgement letter to confirm receipt of documents of document or goods. A sample letter of acknowledgement receipt of payment letter is usually short and used only for legal purposes for confirmation of receipt of documentation or goods. Basically, it confirmed the facts which are agreed or discussed or fixed between parties or companies.


At any time your company can receive a document of any confirmation and you should be ready to write a letter of acknowledgement of receipt of payment. The letter should be short, precise and prompt. This is especially important when one party deals with any other party. And such a letter will clarify any legal status shared among them.

Following tips should be considered while writing any letter:

  1. MAKE SURE YOU ADDRESS THE RIGHT PERSON: while writing a letter, keep in mind that letter should be received to right contacted person and at right time and keep the copy of that letter with yourself also.
  2. OPEN YOUR LETTER WITH RECEIPT OF DOCUMENT: reference of any letter should be different from similar documents so that it can avoid any confusion among them. Refer right person with right contact information while sending acknowledging the letter.
  3. BE DESCRIPTIVE: explain the next step earlier so that reader will clarify the document that it really wants to say without ignoring it. Include details with date and time when you got signed this document.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGE ANY RELATION IN POSITIVE WAY: while writing the letter to the specific person you should wish to say that you want to look forward your relationship so that it can be proved as mutually beneficial.
  5. AVOID BAD GRAMMAR IN BUSINESS LETTERS: basic and necessary point, avoid having frequent grammar mistakes while writing any business letters or emails. Proofread your letter and edit if incorrect and make it look professional.


The first impression of any letter is created by its format. So make sure that your format is accurate and professional.

This should be the layout of your letter:-

Mention your name and address and date on which letter is written in next line. Next write the name, address and contact details of the receiver.

With impressive subject proceeds it with a sweet salutation and start writing the body of the letter. Starting line of the body should be professional like, ‘company is acknowledging the receipt of the following document’ etc.  The body should be brief, precise and accurate. Mention the main point and only the topic on which discussion is made.

The subject should state the Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt of any documents or goods.

Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt, acknowledgement letter to confirm receipt of documents
Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt, acknowledgement letter to confirm receipt of documents

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In any business field, acknowledgement letter plays a vital role as they record the date-time on which any documents or goods were signed or received. This is important as this will set as prove when one company denies or ask for any detail regarding this. They won’t make any argument regarding this and it will help to build good trust with the company.

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