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Writing a Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker is a lot to help them out. It is as same as writing a letter for a person who worked for you. You should help them if you are able to. But make sure to make an exact and true statement. If you able to write a letter or know about them then take it in your hands, if you are not aware of them then don’t try to make a fake recommendation letter. Try to write a glowing letter so that they can get bliss to work in another place.

Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker Sample

  1. CHECK YOUR COWORKER FOR DETAILS: Don’t just start writing your letter of recommendation for coworker examples by knowing some particulars about that person. Talk to them, know about them and more your letter is personal more it will make it powerful. Ask them that what they want to mention in their letter, what they want to highlight in the letter.
  2. FOCUS ON THEIR STRENGTHS: There’s a reason why you are asked to write a letter of recommendation for coworker teacher. so make sure to know about their strengths and what to mention and what not. Make letter positive and encouraging. Focus on their skills, achievements, growths, awards etc and mention them to make it deserving of that position. Mention about the projects you worked on them combined and how he or she brings change to the team. Make sure to target the best attributes of your co-worker.
  3. TALK ABOUT PERSONALITY: While mentioning about their good points also talk about their good personality and behavior. The hiring manager is hiring them for who are thy personally as well as professionally. It becomes important to explain that how that person is in real life. It will help you more to convince that person to hire you when you discuss positive traits of an employer.

These points to be considered when you are writing a recommendation letter for your co-worker. Also, don’t forget to do their background research. Know their past successes, current scenario of working etc.

Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker, Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker Sample
Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker, Letter Of Recommendation For Coworker Sample

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  1. ACCURACY IN INFORMATION: Try to mention the accurate data you know about them. No lies, no fakes, no tales. Make sure to write right details only. Mention how long and from when you have worked with your co-worker.
  2. EXPLAIN YOU RELATIONSHIP: Firstly you can explain the nature of the work you shared with them and your timing of partnership. Explain how you know him or her and what kind of bond you are sharing.
  3. PUT FINAL TOUCH: At last express, yourself also that for any queries you can contact me. Remember if the colleague asks for commendation, it will make your impact on her/him. Assist them a path to success, they will be forever grateful for you.


When someone approaches you to write a recommendation letter, make them proud of their choice. Take a breadth-first and think that whether you know her that much and can you write a glowing recommendation letter for her and then go for it. Make your letter accurate and precise. Check it and correct it grammatically and spelling. Feel positive about the person you are writing and make an impressive layout of theirs.

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