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Printable lined paper with border is very important documents used in business fields or in any documentary work. These are available with various line widths in two-page orientations and basically in four paper sizes. You can download various Printable lined paper a4 in various sizes from net according to your need. The sizes basically are 0.25cm, 0.5cm, 0.6cm etc and you can get each size either in JPG or PDF.

Printable lined paper pdf

These papers itself comes in different varieties. People or kids even can practice on a variety of different papers of different themes, colors, ruled, seasonal or fun. You can use printable blank paper to draw pictures or to make any project on it. Kids can do their creativity on these printable lined paper for kids and create their scrapbook on themed or colored papers. Some these types of papers can be used for doodling or writing special letters.

Some more varieties are there under this category and you can use them in various ways:


These are also in different colors, you can download as you required like blue, black, green, pink etc. Print extra ruled sheets whenever you need them based on their dimensions. And punch them and keep or use them as you need.


You can use ruled Printable lined paper Template for writing any story or article. Decorate as you want and keep as memory or present as a wish. Use it as practice for many creations.


An amazing theme is when you make or create any paper within its borders. You can download them with borders or make your own borers with black and white theme or as required.


Fun for kids are coloring the pictures. Get papers with pictures on it for coloring is also a craze. You can write a letter or story on it with themes and add a special touch to whatever you write and choose beautiful pictures to make it creative.


It’s fun-loving paper to work on. You can get creations as the cartoonist. Kids can be creative by making and writing on the animated borders sheets.


This is also an interesting one. You can download many sheets throughout any season based on particular seasonal themes.


In holidays paper it will an exciting work to do for kids also. They will never have any excuse regarding this. Party papers are used to make exciting party cards, it may be the wedding, birthday or seasonal parties.



There are various ways to alter your handwriting or font style when you switching to the different reason for writing any letter.

Either you can use character spacer line or write in general handwriting:

  1. Letter or numerals is written in character spacer line. These writing lines give guidance about height, width, and length of the letters written in upper and lower cases.
  2. The second option is general handwriting, in this, you can practice writing words, short sentences for emergent reader’s and children’s name, address, telephone contact, thank you or complaining notes to friends or family.
Printable lined paper a4, printable lined paper pdf
Printable lined paper a4, printable lined paper pdf

Click Here To Download Printable lined paper pdf


You know any strategy of making a blank sheet as a lined one? Ok, I’ll share one with you. The best and simple one is to place a dark lined sheet under your blank sheet and start writing on your blank sheet you’ll automatically get everything straight and aligned in horizontal line neatly. Or you can draw line lines even by tracing on it.

You can create sheets of any sizes as you required. Basically, they are found in sizes like 6mm, 7mm, 8mm or 10mm etc. Now put your favorite line pattern and draw and get the one you like it to be. They can be of various aligns with different lines gap, lines length, sheet size etc. You can get the downloaded version of many of the sheets directly on the net. Get the pdf and download them directly.


While printing makes sure you are printing the original and actual size of it. Make sure to choose 100% or actual size option instead of fit to paper. Some lines must run out of the template by maximizing, that hardly matters, let the printer make to print itself and cut accordingly. You can use guide sheet with the blank notebook it will make it much easier.


Many details have been discussed above that you need to know about it. Its tips, downloading style, pattern types, strategy etc. But make sure to download it properly. To print any sheets, just download the file and print as usual. Always print it the double sided option if your printer doesn’t carry it make sure to print one side and get lined the other side. Always make it 100% actual size and original rather than scale to fit. Get different sizes with different patterns and download and print and use them as you want.

I hope you’ll find this article helpful.

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