Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager

As a manager or supervisor or professor, it is likely for you that you have to write a Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager. It is always an opportunity to help them to take any position in job or education. If you write positive, glowing letter for your employee, it will help them in their impression to form in the company or any field. And also remember if you don’t feel confident over that or not know about her/his then you don’t need to write recommendation letter because it should need full confidence for it.

Sample Recommendation Letter For Employee From Employer

  1. THINK BEFORE SAYING YES: the First and most important thing is to decide and feel comfortable about your decision that whether you can write it or not. If you don’t know person’s ability enough well, then don’t write a Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager pdf. It is better to say no than to write something negative or fake.
  2. GATHER ALL INFORMATION FOR LETTER: Before writing a letter make sure you know each detail about your employee and also to whom you are going to send this letter. Mention his name, address and contact information.
  3. CONNECT YOUR EMPLOYEE TO JOB: This will be an effective step if you do. Know candidate’s skills, experience and techniques and also what is asked for that position. Now demonstrate them and prove his skills how he connects and deserves this job.
  4. MENTION EXAMPLES: Include specific examples, like special skills, techniques, achievements, progress, etc according to their need. Like if they asked for some particular service skills, you can mention about that moment when he/ she went high or beyond in this service.
  5. EDIT, EDIT: Rechecking and editing your letter will be important at the end. Use proper grammar and spellings. Write your letter in business letter format. Mention exact subject on starting. Don’t make your letter too sloppy otherwise, it will lessen the chance of your candidate to get that position. Make sure to proofread it before sending.
  6. GO THROUGH SAMPLE LETTERS: While writing that letter go through the samples mentioned on sites to make it look professional and impressive. Get what information is mentioned there. Also, follow the professional business letter format from those examples that will convince the chances for your candidates.
Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager,  Sample Recommendation Letter For Employee From Employer
Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager, Sample Recommendation Letter For Employee From Employer

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If you are sending your letter in business format, then firstly you have to mention the name, address and contact information of yours and hiring manager. Proceed with date, brief subject and to the point body of the letter. In this, you can explain how you know the employee and explain her skills, experiences, strengths that differentiate her from others and make her deserving one.

In closing explain your confidence in your employee and keep her side strong. Also, mention that you are available for any queries and give your contact information.


Being a business employee it is your duty or chance that you have to write a recommendation letter. And if you believe that you can share glowing positive recommendation about her that you should support your colleague. Be kind and helpful because one day you might need that situation.

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