Sample Character Reference Letter For A Friend

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Many of us in our lives for sure have to write a Sample Character Reference Letter For A Friend, it may b for a friend, relative, neighbor, co-worker, employee, or someone you know better and personally. These types of letters are written to specify someone’s ability, achievements, skills or character. A character reference letter is written when someone needs to support their job application and this can be even asked when you are being hired. Sometimes the company asks for a character reference for their trustworthiness. The character reference letters are asked in some universities, jobs, schools etc.

Character reference for a friend for a job

If you haven’t written a sample character reference letter for a friend for immigration then it might b challenging for you. While writing this, one must know that it is a great responsibility, whether you are writing for an academic program or a job. Make sure to write it positively, you will get gratitude from your friend.

  1. MENTION BACKGROUND AND RELATIONSHIP TO THE PERSON: Readers always want to know that what kind of relationship that person has with a writer. So mention who you are, how long you know the person, what kind of relationship you are having with that person, how much time you have spent together, etc. Write the nature of the relationship with that person.
  2. APPROPRIATE FORMAT: While writing, don’t forget to be in format. You can write a business letter format that will create an impression. In the first paragraph place your introduction and how you know the person and from when. In second, give layout about person’s character. And in closing, a reader should look favorably to your friend and give your details also for contact.
  3. KEEP IT POSITIVE AND SHORT: Your sample character reference letter for a friend template should not long, the reader only need basic about that person’s character. Make your letter positive, as it will leave a positive impression on a reader. Aim to explain its personality and character in a positive way to show uniqueness in him/her.
  4. FINAL EDIT AND CHECK: Before sending, checking and editing your letter is better to do. Make it re-read by others so that their eyes catch different layout. Make your letter grammatically correct and avoid spelling mistakes. Also, new word processing technology makes this task easier for those who are not a good writer. You can submit a draft copy of this to person for whom you are writing.

For a clearer understanding, you can google many samples and examples based on this format. Download that samples and get format and description idea. Make sure to mention positive about that person’s character in your letter. your character reference letter should be professional and of hiring pattern. You can explain his character by giving examples even as this will create a personal touch for them.

Sample Character Reference Letter For A Friend, Character reference for a friend for a job
Sample Character Reference Letter For A Friend, Character reference for a friend for a job

Click Here To Download Sample Character Reference Letter For A Friend


Remember a character reference letter tends to b more personal than professional and this will speaks about personality and character of that person. Some jobs may ask for character letter and some not. But it is always the best idea to be prepared for it.

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