Sample letter asking for donations for school

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Sample letter asking for donations for school are letters may be handwritten or typed, they are used to raise money for any projects, events, or any other causes. These can be sent to family members, business employees, friends, corporations etc. Donation request letter is kind of formal way to ask for money for schools, business from companies or individuals. It is a type of fundraising campaign. These letters help you to connect with different authorities like sponsors, donors, fundraising campaigns etc.  Donation letters can be sent at any time in a year but still, there is a key time to get money from companies or individuals.

Sample letters asking for donations

Your sample donation request letter for school building should be in a professional way and in related to the business field with proper format and tone. You can download samples for this to follow the format.

At starting mention sender’s name and complete address and proceed it with a date on which the letter is written, in next line. Next, mention the receiver’s name and proper address. After that write the subject, means mention the purpose of writing the letter in the next line. Give sweet salutation to the donor.  And start with the body of a letter. Make it calm, brief but descriptive and clear. Give your letter an ending with warm regards and at the end mention your name and signature.


Donation for schools can be used in various ways. It can be renovation or extension of school buildings, getting new books, honoring the brilliant students etc.

  1. Make sure to give the clear purpose of writing the letter.
  2. Mention the good reasons that the school is going to do in or outside the campus.
  3. Give a reason for organizing that particular event.
  4. Mention its benefits, targets, participation etc.
  5. Give its effects on social changes and benefits.
Sample letter asking for donations for school
Sample letter asking for donations for school


School Donation Letter Sample

School Donation Letter Sample
School Donation Letter Sample

Click Here To Download School Donation Letter Sample


As its name is describing the purpose of writing a letter that it requests for donations for academic purposes, activities, exhibitions etc that school is organizing. This is generally formal so its tone should b formally expressed.

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