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Sample Letter Of Change Name Request

Sample Letter Of Change Name Request is a very concise process but this needs a lot of consideration and efforts as variation in the name in any document will definitely create a problem in one or another issue. So the name should be the same in every document.

There might be several reasons for sample letter for change of name after marriage, adoption, shifting etc or might be some personal. And also some people want to disassociate from negative sounding name may be that’s why they want to change.

And the person whosoever wants to change their name either after marriage process or through cases has to write a letter requesting for the change in name. They are to be sent to banks, companies or other platforms where your official records are kept.

Sample Letter For Name Correction

To change your name you will need a birth certificate, social security card, petition for name change form, notary public or you may need a marriage license.

The first thing to do is decide your name or any changes you want to make or have. If choosing a new name, make sure that it should not be offensive.
Also, make sure under which court you will be hiring to proceed your name change process. It may depend on the state, country or basically a family law court.
Also, make sure what fees and documents you definitely require in your process like birth certificate etc. Fill your form accurately and file it with a court case.
Make sure to make changes in the name in a very official document like passport, driving license, National ID etc, contact them individually.
Also, make sure to use your new everywhere at home, school, work, or any places you visit or works. This will uplift your criteria to finalize your new name.
Companies or organizations that need to b advised about a new name or name changes are- medical reports, social security, passport, bank, licenses, insurance companies, professional associations, landlords, employers etc.


Start your letter with applicant’s name and complete address. After space, write the date and after that write receiver’s name and complete address.
After that, you can write a subject which will directly explain the reason for writing your letter. Then write the salutation by referring person directly.
Then write the body of the letter which will explain the issue and what you need to do with it and explain your criteria and changes informatively. Make your letter brief and to the point.
In the end, give warm regards to them and write name and signature at the end.