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Sample Letters To Whom It May Concern

“Sample Letters To Whom It May Concern” is the heading given to any letter when you don’t know what to whom you are writing the letter? Now everyone will question that if we don’t know the person then why we are writing this? but there are some reasons like letter can be formal, the letter is personal that it may have an impact on the person to whom you are writing.

Of course, one should make efforts to find the name of the person to whom this letter is concerned. This will show your efforts and interest towards that issue. When it is not found than with compulsion you may use ‘to whomsoever it may concern certificate format’.

To Whom It May Concern Letter Sample For Employee
There are a number of ways if you want to find the owner to whom the letter is written.

If you applying for a job, the HR’s, manager’s name should b found on the job listing of the job procedure.
Also, you can look on the website for the particular person’s name or supervisor because on their official it needs to be mentioned all detailed about their staff.
The alternate option you can consider is finding the name of the person on LinkedIn or you can even as your friend or colleague whether they know about that person.
Another option you can use is called the office or administrator for help. You can talk or ask from them even regarding the receiver.
If, after very efforts, you are not able to find that person then you can use ‘to whomsoever it may concern letter format for employee’. This should be indicated at the beginning of the letter before any email, address or contact. This can be used if you are making an inquiry and you don’t know the person. This phrase should be capitalized or in the inverted commas to make it highlighted.


List your name, address or contact number in your letter at the starting properly. Write date and mention ‘to whom it may concern’ and also write salutation like Dear sir/mam.
Apologize for not being to send that letter personally or not finding the person’s concerned name.
Make a brief introduction that explains about you and job and your interests.
Describe your qualifications, qualities, achievements or accomplishments in short para.
Write final para which will show your interest in a job and knowing more about it and working more for this. Also, mention you are interested in face to face interview or telephone interview and hope for that.
Sample Letters To Whom It May Concern
Sample Letters To Whom It May Concern