Sample Thank You Letter After Interview Via Email

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To express an opportunity after meeting with them is another important step in your Sample thank you letter after interview via email. It is as important as that you can call it ‘post-interview’ etiquette. It is just easy as you have to send an email without worrying about writing and sending a paper letter. Even if you are damn sure about your interview or little unconfident then also don’t forget to send a thank you letter after your interview.

How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

Moving with a technology, an email has its own importance. You can directly send them a letter by including your skills, passions, and achievements. These can be seen by the links provided by you in your best thank you email after interview sample. You can mention links to an online portfolio, LinkedIn accounts and you professional online social networking sites. Another importance is that your letter can be seen or received on the same day you have sent. Unlike your postal letter, you don’t have to wait for your letter to be received or not.

This also leads to an advantage that you can send a quick example thank you letter after interview via email to your hiring manager which will have a still sharper impression of yours. As you know that interviewer also has to make his decision as soon as possible so you need to send it within 24 hours of work.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR LETTER                                          

What to include in your letter is as important as writing it. Achieving that job is important to you. In your thank you letter to try to restate your reasons and decisions, that why you want this job, how you are a deserving candidate, what qualifications do you have etc. It is also perfect opportunity to ask or discuss that is neglected by an interviewer. Keep in mind that your letter should be brief and to the point.


  1. SEND YOUR EMAIL ON RIGHT TIME: Always sent your mail within 24 hours of your interview. It will help you as the interviewer has a fresh impression of yours.
  2. INCLUDE ALL INTERVIEWERS: Don’t forget to send separate emails to all your interviewers who spoke to you.
  3. INCLUDE NAME OF POSITION: Your subject line should include your position name. This will create a importance of your email.
  4. USE PROFESSIONAL SUBJECT LINE: example, first name last name and job title.
  5. KEEP IT BRIEF: Short it is, more impactful it will be.
  6. EDIT, EDIT: Keep your spelling and grammar accurate.


  1. STALK YOUR INTERVIEWER: Remember that your goal is not to stalk them or show your overconfidence. You just want that job.
  2. SEND ANYTHING: don’t send anything that makes your bad impression. Like your social media profiles pictures etc useless.
Sample Thank You Letter After Interview Via Email, How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview
Sample Thank You Letter After Interview Via Email, How To Write A Thank You Letter After An Interview

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By sending an impressive thank you letter creates a positive impression of yours. It will your dedication and respect towards your profession. Now you will affirm the positive attitude that you made in your interview. You can check more samples for your thank you letter. Just remember to add something that personalizes it. It will manage the level of formality that is created in the atmosphere of your interview. It will give you golden opportunity to stay in the memory if the interviewer for a long time after the last handshake with him.

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