Simple Application Letter Sample For Any Vacant Position

Everyone needs to write a Simple Application Letter Sample For Any Vacant Position when it comes to working in the new position. Not sure how to write and what format to follow then have a look at the following data given. After your CV resume, a job application letter is what is required. As resume shows your history of work, skills, and experience while the job application letter shows why you are qualified for this position and why you should be selected for an interview.

Application letter sample for any position pdf

There are many job application simple application letter sample for any vacant position pdf hints and tips so some of them are discussed below

  1. LETTER SHOULD BE BRIEF: Don’t make your letter too long otherwise, it will become boring to the receiver. Make it to the point, brief and eye catchy.
  2. AVOID FLOWERY LANGUAGE: Your letter should b written in formal language. Be concise and focus on tone. Don’t elaborate too long.
  3. CHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR: Make your letter accurate. Recheck every spelling and grammatical error. Or make it read by someone else, different eyes will give different opinions.
  4. SENDING OF LETTER: you can send your letter in the same way as your CV. But if you are writing it make sure to have the correct format and you email it.
  5. FOCUS ON QUALITY: Use good quality of paper and pen, if you are making it handwritten. It should not be handwritten unless asked for. Make your letter computer-based and send it via mail.


Formatting application letter for any vacant position in government properly is a basic and important step to do. Below are some guidelines given, keep them in mind while writing a letter.

  1. LENGTH: Your letter should be brief and mention only the required points. Make sure your letter does not exceed more than one page.
  2. FONT AND FORMAT: use proper font style to write an impressive letter and also format should be accurate which itself will create an impression.
  3. HEADING: Your format should contain a proper heading and should be eye catchy. The further letter should start with your and employer’s information including name, address, contact information etc followed by the present date.
  4. SALUTATION: Your letter’s salutation should be brief and polite. Respect them by adding Mr./ Mrs. Followed by a person’s last name.
  5. BODY OF LETTER: Letter’s body should consist of three paragraphs. In the first one, you should mention the job you are applying for. In second, mention all the important points you can. That how you came to know about this vacant position and why you want to be its part and how you are a deserving employee. At last one, you will thank the employer.

And in the end, give your handwritten signature with your name mentioned.

Simple Application Letter Sample For Any Vacant Position, Application letter sample for any position pdf
Simple Application Letter Sample For Any Vacant Position, Application letter sample for any position pdf

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Use keywords while writing your letter. Keep it brief and don’t forget to edit and recheck. Make it grammatical and error free. Having a professional looking job application letter will greatly help you to get a good impression. More the professional more serious the one will take it. it must stand out from others and mention about yourself that how you are a deserving employee for that vacant seat.

So we hope you found an above mentioned simple application letters helpful and we hope you get that position which you are looking for. We guys wish you luck and if any case you want to change anything just let us know by commenting below or you guys can also mail us.

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