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Simple Consulting Agreement Template

A short consulting agreement template is the type of agreement that is used between a client and contractor which provides advice to the client, this is in a written form of given service that includes details and terms of payment, all rights regarding property, obligations etc

sample letter of agreement for consulting services
Here Is The Format Below

The agreement is made between ABC (clients name) at XYZ (address of business place) and Company’s name/Individuals name at (address of consultant)

Clauses: (add or subtract the clauses according to your choice)

Services performed: (Consultant would direct and assist the client with the services provided)
Payment and terms:(specify the deposit that the client will be paying ₹xxx per hour of consultants time or on monthly basis. And charge the late fee for any late payments according to the rate until paid fully.)
Material: who will provide the material the consultant or the client for the work.)
The term of agreement: (the date of the agreement.)
Termination of agreement: (how notice of termination should be given)
Exclusive agreement: (parties that are involved in the agreement between the client & consultant with their signature)
Intellectual property ownership: (the license is given to using the material and it can be given to other clients as well but the client cannot transfer to someone else – copywriter, patent right )
Notice: ( address and email addresses about the consultant and client where you would send the notices:-
: Consultant company’s name and address

: Client your email id, clients name, address, zip code)

Liabilities: (any liability is to be borne by the client, the consultant is not responsible)
Signature :
Clients: Abc (clients company name)

By: (signature of company’s executive)

Title : ( Jobs title)


Consultant: (company’s name)

By: (full name of person/signature)

Title: (job title)


Simple consulting agreement letter