Simple Promissory Note Sample Letter

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Are you aware of the term “Simple Promissory Note Sample Letter”? it is the term used to pay a debt that is put in the writing. The promissory note can be prepared by a bank or lender or any loan officer. It is better to write a promissory note by yourself and this is also a legal and binding contract.

If you are lending to any person, you should make a written arrangement. This is something written like a check, the borrowed amount is mentioned.

How to write a promissory note

It is documented necessarily made to repay the debt. This is legal and an enforceable document. So here some points to be followed to make your note.

  1. Get the required elements: to get enforceable, some elements are to be included in your note like; the amount of the loan, repayment dates, interest rate, amount after the result has been applied, the pledge of security agreement, default terms (what will happen if borrower fails to repay on time).
  2. Mention the terms of the agreement: these are the terms that borrower and lender have agreed upon before signing this. you can here mention the dates you have discussed to repay debt.
  3. Decide from secured or unsecured simple promissory note no interest for repayment: a secured loan provides the collateral as property, goods etc in order to get debt legally while unsecured loans provide no collateral.
  4. Perfect your loan security: if you have gone for secured promissory note, then the borrower knows that this is legal as the lender has a right to collateral.


  1. Clearly mention the loan terms. If the loan is to be paid bimonthly or monthly this needs to be done. This should also clarify when the first payment should be done and what will be its expected amount.
  2. Some notes will have amortization and some does not include. It means to mention the repayment of the loan in time.
Simple Promissory Note Sample Letter, How to write a promissory note
Simple Promissory Note Sample Letter, How to write a promissory note

Click Here To Get Simple Promissory Note Sample Letter

Secured promissory note template

Secured promissory note template, simple promissory note no interest
Secured promissory note template, simple promissory note no interest

Click Here To Get Secured promissory note template


It would be better if you write your letter in a professional and authorized way. Mention the total amount and date on your note. Also, mention the name and address of the borrower and lender. You can download the exact pdf for your promissory note and can get the proper layout for it.

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