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This article is going to be about suggestion letter templates. So what exactly is a suggestion letter? A suggestion letter is usually written to suggest something innovative or is written to help the company or a person to improve their services or product in a positive manner. It is a letter in which the sender tries to give suggestions to the company or a person in a very formal and impressive manner.

Printable Suggestion Letter Template

The main motive of writing a suggestion letter is to give an opinion on the matter to a company or a person. So basically in a suggestion letter sender tries to give a point of view or recommendation of course to the reader, company, or person.

These letters can be written as a formal letter or an informal letter. If you are writing it to a company or firm or an organization then make sure you write it as a formal letter whereas if you are writing this letter to your friend or any other unofficial group then you can write it as an informal letter or casually.

While writing the suggestion letter make sure you are writing or expressing your genuine feelings and also don’t forget to appreciate the person who gave you the opportunity for writing the suggestion letter. In case if you have written a suggestion letter before then don’t forget to mention it. It will make your suggestion letter more reliable and effective and make sure you don’t hurry while writing down the suggestions. Take your time to analyze the current situation of the company or a person and also see all the aspects properly and then write your suggestions. Don’t forget to recheck your letter before drafting it.

So if you guys want templates, samples, and examples of suggestion letters you are in right place. Below we are going to mention some of the suggestion letter templates, examples and samples just check them out.

Some Tips Of Writing Suggestion Letter Template

  • Most important do not make any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Address the company before you write a letter.
  • Try to give advice or suggestions in a very polite way.
  • Remember if you are writing a letter to a company make it look formal.
  • Always be polite while writing.
  • Also, just don’t forget to miss points while writing the suggestion letter.
  • Add the benefits of the suggestions and please avoid negative criticism.
  • Make your letter look interesting while reading.

Here is an example of a suggestion letter:

Name of the sender
Organization name
Contact details


Name of the receiver
Organization name

Contact details

Subject: ——

Dear —————,
I —————- (mention your name) writing this letter to suggest ————– (mention the suggestion) to ————— (mention the nature of the business). The suggestion will improve the overall —————— (mention the benefits).
I have been associated with your company since ———- (mention years) and would agree to the fact that the quality in services has changed and needs to be improved over time according to the demands of the industry and client base. I hope that the suggestion will be helpful for you and the company too. In case of query, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Yours Truly,
Name of the person
Sign of the person

Suggestion Letter Template Format, Sample & Example

Printable Suggestion Letter Template, Suggestion Letter Template Word
Printable Suggestion Letter Template, Suggestion Letter Template Word

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